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Hot Commissioning 8,000 TPH

Hot Commissioning 8,000 TPH

From Sizers to the world's most advanced Fully Mobile Sizer; MMD for over 30 years have been at the forefront of Mineral Sizing™ and IPSC solutions.
Building off the success of previous Fully Mobile Sizers - MS1 & OS1, MMD have designed and constructed the world's largest, and most technologically advanced Fully Mobile Sizer for the Pingshuo Coal mine in China.
Required to process 9,000 tonnes per hour of overburden, the rig has entered into hot commissioning - already averaging 8,000 TPH with peaks of 15,000 TPH.
The Fully Mobile Sizer consists of a 300 tonne capacity Hopper, a D9 low angle feeder, and a 1400 Series Sizer machine, which all feeds material onto a slewing discharge conveyor. The Mobile Sizer can be remotely stopped, started or slowed down as production needs dictate. For effective maneuverability the Fully Mobile Sizer sits on a pair of MMD 425 pitch heavy duty crawler tracks.
This machine is expected to generate significant waves in the industry, not only surpassing targets and expectations, but cementing MMD as global leaders in IPSC solutions.
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